Monday, May 18, 2009

Mr Bean

Semalam Qistina mintak aku pasang astro ngan alasan nak tgk cerita mr bean...
so ari nie aku akan download cerita yg dia nak tu... hehehehehe

Mr. Bean is a 2002 animated telivision series based on the 1990 British TV series Mr. Bean Characters from the original live action series included Mr. Bean, Irma Gobb, Mr. Bean’s teddy bear, and the mysterious driver of the Reliant Supervan, with the addition of Mrs. Wicket, Bean’s landlady, and her evil cat Scrapper.

The series again featured little actual dialogue, with most being either little soundbites or mumbling. Rowan Atkinson provided the voice for Bean, and all of the animated Bean actions are taken from Atkinson himself. Other characters’ voices are provided by Jon Glover, Rupert Degas, Gary Martin, Thea White and Lorelie King

Despite the series’ actual title being simply Mr. Bean, some broadcasters referred to this series as Mr. Bean: plus a subtitle for disambiguating with the original live-action series. Disney Channel in Southeast Asia refers this series as “Mr. Bean - The Animated Series” and the original live-action series as “Mr. Bean - Live Action Series” in their schedule.


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